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(850) 542-7828

Locations in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze FL

08:00 - 04:30

Monday to Friday


Nurturing the “absorbent” mind of a child…

At Lighthouse Academy we model a hybrid academic program whereby we use a traditional, structured, Christian based curriculum while also utilizing the “hands on” Montessori methods and materials when learning practical life, etiquette, and other non-core areas of study.

Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool classes are set up with “centers”. Our classes are set up with structured schedules and assigned learning time so that we prepare the child for the structured education that lies ahead of them. We feel that it is a perfect balance for the 3-4 year olds.

Three year-old program

The curriculum allows for interactive play and time to develop socially through creative and dramatic play. Music and art also provide opportunities for creative learning.

Coordination and motor control is enhanced through free play and planned activities that include balance, rhythm, climbing, throwing and running which is included in physical development.

Intellectual development begins with language and concept growth. Learning to talk and tell of their experiences builds vocabulary, language skills and better understanding of the world around them. Teachers use nursery rhymes, and class activities to develop attention span, thinking and following directional skills. Children are acquainted with the alphabet and numbers. Math and science units are explored. This preparation leads to greater success in their later preschool experiences.

Four year-old or Kindergarten readiness program

This program focuses on kindergarten preparedness by providing a language rich environment to help develop language skills. Intellectual and academic development begins with language and concept growth as with all ages. Through curriculum choices teachers work toward lengthening children’s attention span, improving thinking skills following directions, phonemic awareness, alphabet and number recognition and building math and science concepts.

Opportunities for physical development of both gross and fine motor skills are planned through free play, balance and rhythm.

Social and emotional development experiences include group play and cooperative opportunities. Verbal expression of emotions and creative activities such as art and music are all necessary for growth in these areas.

While it may seem like this is just playing it is all part of a child’s way to explore, learn and become self confident in the world around them.

VPK Curriculum

Our VPK program requires that we teach via the Creative Curriculum, assigned by the State of Florida. In addition, we use Montessori methods and materials when learning practical life, etiquette, and other non-core areas of study.

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Curriculum

Our Kindergarten and graded classes are instructed through the highly-acclaimed Bob Jones University (BJU) Press Christian curriculum.

The Bob Jones textbooks concentrate on teaching critical thinking skills that lead to true comprehension. These are not simply phrases but driving principles. BJU Press wants students to know what they are reading, to be able to make good judgments about what they read, and to be able to act appropriately on what they have come to understand. They teach more than just facts. Children really learn how to think-not just for today or for the test, but for life. Our curriculum lets our students experience the joy of learning with understanding. The lessons are active, engaging, colorful and interesting. The applications are real-life and convincing. BJU Press teacher editions help us interact with your child. They assist us in drawing your children into the subjects-and into the lessons you really want them to get. Our curriculum helps us make a difference in your child’s lives.

BJU Press believes that the teacher is the key to education. So, the textbooks are flexible enough to meet our schedules & personalities so that we can accommodate each child’s individual learning styles. Several choices of approaches, appeals, techniques, and ideas are provided so we can succeed in the craft of teaching and therefore you child can succeed in the craft of learning.

BJU press considers each of these components a vital part of your mission: to educate, edify, and evangelize the next generation.

Seventh through Twelfth Grade Curriculum

Our seventh through twelfth grades use Alpha Omega as the primary curriculum along with BJU Press as the secondary curriculum. Various Christian resources are also used to supplement both curriculums. Our students receive rich academic learning through the offering of several subjects which meet the guidelines for high school graduation as well as preparation for college. Our teachers use a variety of learning techniques to enhance each student’s learning style.

We strongly believe every student can be successful spiritually, academically, and emotionally. Our curriculum instills the Christian values that we so confidently believe in. Students not only attain academic knowledge but also spiritual knowledge to guide them as they become young adults.